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1 A Comprehensive Post Evaluation of the Implementation of Water-Saving Measures in XiangtanHunan Province, China 赵江涛 Sustainability 2022-04 SCI
2 From one to three: how to achieve well-steered   spatial charge separation in Janus-like asymmetrically graphene oxide films   for high photocatalytic performance 王莹 APPLIED   SURFACE SCIENCE 2022-04 SCI
3 Spatiotemporal variability of reference crop evapotranspiration at   different timescales in Sichuan Province, southwest China 康银红 IRRIGATION AND DRAINAGE 2022-04 SCI
4 Preparation of Niobium Aluminium Alloy Based on   Shock Compression Method 蒋城露* Crystals 2022-03 SCI
5 Trends and variability of water balance   components over a tropical savanna and Eucalyptus forest in Australia 康银红 Journal of Water and Climate Change 2022-02 SCI
6 Construction of hierarchical FeNi3@(Fe,Ni)S2   core–shell heterojunctions for advanced oxygen evolution 闫明磊 Nano Research 2021-10 SCI
7 Flood risk assessment in Ya’an, Sichuan, China   based on the emergy theory 刘星 Journal of Water and Climate Change 2021-06 SCI
8 Comparative study on characteristics and   mechanism of phosphate adsorption on Mg/Al modified biochar 邓玉;张莹;倪福全 Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering 2021-04 SCI
9 Effects of Nitrogen Application Rate on Protein   Components and Yield of Low-Gluten Rice 李天* Agriculture-Basel 2021-04 SCI
10 An experimental study of the relationship   between the matric potential, unfrozen water, and segregated ice of saturated   freezing soil 薛珂 Bulletin of Engineering Geology and the Environment 2021-03 SCI
11 Engineering Schottky-to-Ohmic contact   transition for 2D metal–semiconductor junctions 赵洋 APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS 2021-03 SCI
12 Synthesis of magnesium modified biochar for   removing copper, lead and cadmium in single and binary system from aqueous   solutions: Adsorption mechanism 邓玉;倪福全 Water 2021-02 SCI
13 Nitrogen/oxygen co-doped carbon nanofoam   derived from bamboo fungi for high-performance supercapacitors 赵洋 JOURNAL OF POWER SOURCES 2020-12 SCI
14 The effects of cyclic alcohols on particle   morphology and pore diameter for the SBA-15 闫明磊* MICROPOROUS AND MESOPOROUS MATERIALS 2020-10 SCI
15 Phonons splitting induces the second harmonic   of tetragonal KH2PO4 by first-principles calculations 蒋城露 OPTIK 2020-09 SCI
16 Structural softening of solid nitrogen under   pressure by first-principles calculations 蒋城露 JOURNAL OF PHYSICS AND CHEMISTRY OF SOLIDS 2020-06 SCI
17 High-performance asymmetric supercapacitors   realized by copper cobalt sulfide crumpled nanoflower and N, F co-doped   hierarchical nanoporous carbon polyhedron 赵洋 JOURNAL OF POWER SOURCES 2020-04 SCI
18 Attribution Analysis of Runoff Change in   Min-Tuo River Basin based on SWAT model simulations,China 胡建;倪福全;邓玉 Scientific Reports 2020-02 SCI
19 In situ construction of porous hierarchical   (Ni3-xFex)FeN/Ni heterojunctions toward efficient electrocatalytic oxygen   evolution 闫明磊 Nano Research 2020-02 SCI
20 The shape type of bonds and the direction of   phonons in orthorhombic BC2N from first-principles calculations 蒋城露 JOURNAL OF PHYSICS AND CHEMISTRY OF SOLIDS 2020-01 SCI
21 One-step colloid fabrication of nickel   phosphides nanoplate/nickel foam hybrid electrode for high-performance   asymmetric supercapacitors 赵洋 CHEMICAL ENGINEERING JOURNAL 2019-10 SCI
22 基于三维离散元方法探究奥克托今颗粒落锤撞击点火机理 蒋城露 ACTA PHYSICA SINICA 2019-09 SCI
23 Entrainment effects and the dynamical evolution   of debris avalanche/flow on substrate materials 霍苗 Journal of Mountain Science 2019-08 SCI
24 Improvements in Performance of a   Self-Similarity Heat Sink Through Structure Modification 唐巍 HEAT TRANSFER ENGINEERING 2019-08 SCI
25 Phase stability, mechanical and electronic   properties of Hf-Te alloys from first-principles calculations 蒋城露 CHINESE JOURNAL OF PHYSICS 2019-05 SCI
26 First-principles analysis of vibrational modes   of calcite, magnesite and dolomite 蒋城露 JOURNAL OF PHYSICS AND CHEMISTRY OF SOLIDS 2019-03 SCI
27 Drip Irrigation Elevated Olive Productivity in   Southwest China 李天* HORTTECHNOLOGY 2019-02 SCI
28 Effects of different phases, compositional   change, and doping on ductility improvement of NbAl3 phases 蒋城露 JOURNAL OF ALLOYS AND COMPOUNDS 2019-02 SCI
29 Case Study on Application of the Step with   Non-Uniform Heights at the Bottom Using a Numerical and Experimental   Model 李登松 Water 2018-11 SCI
30 Molten salt synthesis of Mn2O3 nanoparticle as   a battery type positive electrode material for hybrid capacitor in   KNO3-NaNO2-NaNO3 melts 赵洋 CHEMICAL ENGINEERING JOURNAL 2018-10 SCI
31 Dynamical evolution properties of debris flows   controlled by different mesh-sized flexible net barriers 霍苗 Arabian Journal of Geosciences 2018-08 SCI
32 Assessed health risk and uncertainty of rural   drinking water sources in typical mountainous and hilly area of Sichuan   Basin 邓玉;倪福全 Desalination and Water Treatment 2018-07 SCI
33 Ecological Risk Assessment of Water Resources   of Water Resources in Yaan City Based on EWM-TOPSIS 倪福全;邓玉 EKOLOJI 2018-07 SCI
34 Free Surface Characteristics of Flow around Two   Side-by-Side Circular Cylinders 李登松 Journal of Marine Science and Engineering 2018-06 SCI
35 Green one-pot preparation of αFe2O3@carboxyl-functionalized yeast   composite with high adsorption and catalysis properties for removal of   methylene blue 王莹 SURFACE AND INTERFACE ANALYSIS 2017-11 SCI
36 Effects of a flexible net barrier on the   dynamic behaviours and interception of debris flows in mountainous   areas 霍苗 Journal of Mountain Science 2017-10 SCI
37 DAILY STREAMFLOW PROCESS SIMULATION IN THE   DATA-SPARSE BASINS 刘星 Journal of Environmental Protection and Ecology 2017-09 SCI
38 A wear rule and cutter life prediction model of   a 20-inch TBM cutter for granite: a case study of a water conveyance tunnel   in China 刘建平 ROCK MECHANICS AND ROCK ENGINEERING 2017-05 SCI
39 A case study of TBM performance prediction   using a Chinese rock mass classification system - Hydropower Classification   (HC) method 刘建平 TUNNELLING AND UNDERGROUND SPACE TECHNOLOGY 2017-05 SCI
40 Improvement of flow distribution and heat   transfer performance of a self-similarity heat sink with a modification to   its structure 唐巍 APPLIED THERMAL ENGINEERING 2017-04 SCI
41 Analysis of membrane bioreactor performance for   wastewater treatment using ranking methods 王莹 TOXICOLOGICAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL CHEMISTRY 2016-11 SCI
42 Spatial-Temporal Coupling Relation Analysis   between Water Poverty and Economic Poverty in Mingshan District, China 邓玉;倪福全 Journal of Residuals Science & Technology 2016-08 SCI
43 An Integrated Ecological System Employing ABF   BSSF and EFB for Purification of Livestock and Poultry Breeding   Wastewater 倪福全;邓玉 Journal of Residuals Science & Technology 2016-08 SCI
44 Soybean grown under elevated CO2 benefits more   under low temperature than high temperature stress: Varying response of   photosynthetic limitations, leaf metabolites, growth, and seed yield 李天* JOURNAL OF PLANT PHYSIOLOGY 2016-08 SCI
45 Construction of a Hierarchical NiCo2S4@PPy   Core-Shell Heterostructure Nanotube Array on Ni Foam for a High-Performance   Asymmetric Supercapacitor 闫明磊 ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 2016-08 SCI
46 Optimization of rice lipid production from   ultrasound-assisted extraction by response surface methodology 李天* JOURNAL OF CEREAL SCIENCE 2016-07 SCI
47 Discussion of “Reservoir-Induced Changes in   Flow Fluctuations at Monthly and Hourly Scales: Case Study of the Qingyi   River, China” by Feng Huang, Qihui Chen, Fan Li, Xiao Zhang, Yunyun Chen,   Ziqiang Xia, and Liying Qiu 李基栋 JOURNAL OF HYDROLOGIC ENGINEERING 2016-06 SCI
48 Research on Problems and Measures of Hydropower   Exploitation in Yucheng District, China 邓玉;倪福全 Journal of Residuals Science & Technology 2016-05 SCI
49 Integrated Microfluidic Lectin Barcode Platform   for High-Performance Focused Glycomic Profiling 曾赟 Scientific reports 2016-02 SCI
50 Biopolymer-induced calcium phosphate scaling in   membrane-based water treatment systems: Langmuir model films studies 王莹 COLLOIDS AND SURFACES B-BIOINTERFACES 2016-02 SCI
51 climate change impacts on water productivity of   cropping systems in the Murray Darling Basin, Australia 康银红 IRRIGATION AND DRAINAGE 2015-10 SCI
52 A calculation method of optimal water injection   pressures in natural fractured reservoirs 谢军 JOURNAL OF PETROLEUM SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING 2015-09 SCI
53 A facile method to synthesize FexCy/C composite   as negative electrode with high capacitance for supercapacitor 闫明磊 JOURNAL OF ALLOYS AND COMPOUNDS 2015-08 SCI
54 Diminished swelling of cross-linked aromatic   oligoamide surfaces revealed a new fouling mechanism of reverse-osmosis   membranes 王莹 ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY 2015-06 SCI
55 Research on nonpoint source pollution   assessment method in data sparse regions: a case study of Xichong River   Basin, China 刘星 Advances in Meteorology 2015-01 SCI
56 New insights on early stages of RO membranes   fouling during tertiary wastewater desalination 王莹 JOURNAL OF MEMBRANE SCIENCE 2014-09 SCI
57 Predicting climate change impacts on maize crop   productivity and water use efficiency in the Loess Plateau 康银红 IRRIGATION AND DRAINAGE 2014-07 SCI
58 Phenotypic analyses of rice /se2 and /se3   mutants that exhibit hyperaccumulation of starch in the leaf blades. 李天 Rice 2014-07 SCI
59 Effects of nitrogen content on growth and   hydraulic characteristics of peach (Prunus persica L.) seedlings under   different soil moisture condi-tions 张志亮;倪福全;康银红;曾赟 Journal of Forest Research 2014-04 SCI
60 The role of gender and age in fracture   distribution following the 2008 Wenchuan earthquake 曹迎 NAT HAZARDS 2011-12 SCI
61 Climate Change Impacts on Crop Yield, Crop   Water Productivity and Food Security – A Review 康银红 Progress in Natural Science 2009-12 SCI
62 Effect of residual cofferdam at the diversion   tunnel inlet on the index of river closure and the dumped materials: A Case   study 李登松 Ain Shams Engineering Journal 2022-03 SCI/EI
63 How to make better use of intermittent and   variable energy? A review of wind and photovoltaic power consumption in   China 李基栋; ;漆力健;卢修元; RENEWABLE & SUSTAINABLE ENERGY REVIEWS 2020-12 SCI/EI
64 Data-driven runoff forecasting for Minjiang   River: a case study 李基栋 Water Science and Technology-Water Supply 2020-09 SCI/EI
65 四川省南充市石河镇石河场村 国家历史文化名城研究中心历史街区调研 曹迎 城市规划 2021-03 CSSCI
66 乡村振兴视角下生态宜居评价及其对农村经济转型发展的启发——以川西林盘四川都江堰精华灌区为例 曹迎 农村经济 2019-06 CSSCI
67 基于CA模型的内江城市景观格局动态演变研究 曹迎 地域研究与开发 2009-10 CSSCI
68 Experimental Research on the Relationship   between Temperature and Humidity of Glass-greenhouse in Summer 胡建 advances in engineering research 2016-10 ISTP
69 Effect of Organic Loading on Biogas Yields from   Continuous Semi-dry Fermentation of Swine Manure 李清 Proceedings of the 2015 International Conference on Materials   Ch 2016-09 ISTP
70 The Purification Effect of Wastewater Caused by   Livestock and Poultry Breeding and Its Mathematical Model Test 倪福全;邓玉 2015 2ND INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM ON ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGY,   EDUC 2015-11 ISTP
71 Upstream Flow Characteristics Influenced by Gap   Backwater in Wide and Narrow Alternated Channels in Mountainous Areas 曾赟 Advances in Engineering Research 2015-08 ISTP
72 The Impact of Tourism on the Living of   Northwestern Sichuan Minority Village—Taking Qiang Village in Li County in   Taoping as an Example 曹迎 ACSR-Advances in Computer Science Research 2015-08 ISTP
73 Development Strategic Research on Mountainous   Ethnic Minority Beautiful Towns and Villages- Taking the Tousand Miao   Villages Xijiang as Example 曹迎 Proceedings of the 3rd international conference on material   ,mec 2015-06 ISTP
74 Research on Saving and Intensive Evaluation   Indicator System of Rural Infrastructure Construction 曹迎 proceedings of the 3rd international conference on material,   mec 2015-06 ISTP
75 The Protective Study of Fish Habitat Under the   Effect of the Daily Regulation Power Station 谭燕平;李清 International Conference on Environmental Protection and Human   H 2015-05 ISTP
76 The Evaluation Grades of Health Risk Based on   the SPA Model 邓玉;倪福全 Energy Procedia 16 (2012) 2012 INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON   FUTUR 2012-04 ISTP
77 The GIS-Based Research on the Managerial   Decision Support System for the Eco-environment Water Requirement of Qingyi   River Watershed 倪福全 COMPUTER SCIENCE FOR ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERING AND   ECOINFORMATIC 2011-09 ISTP
78 Sediment Retention Effect of Reservoirs and   Microscale Surface Depressions 梁心蓝 Water Conservation Science and Engineering 2021-07 EI
79 Simulation experimental study on the influence   of plow pan on water infiltration in dry land 卢修元 Int. J. Environmental Technology and Management 2021-03 EI
80 Joint Operation of Large Scale Hydropower   System Based on Minimum Operating Water Level Optimisation 李基栋 Taiwan Water Conservancy 2019-09 EI
81 Parametric analysis on the temperature response   rules in inner surfaces for the homogeneity walls 曹迎 Case Studies in thermal Engineering 2019-03 EI
82 Optimization of the wall thermal insulation   characteristics based on the intermittent heating operation 曹迎 Case studies in Construction Materials 2018-12 EI
83 Numerical optimization on thermal performance   characteristics of interior walls based on air-conditioning intermittent   running 曹迎 Case Studies in thermal Engineering 2018-09 EI
84 曲线型局部超高阶梯溢洪道的水力特性 李登松 工程科学与技术 2018-07 EI
85 基于pF   Meter的土体冻结特征曲线研究 薛珂 中国公路学报 2018-02 EI
86 土体冻结过程中基质势与水分迁移及冻胀的关系 薛珂 农业工程学报 2017-10 EI
87 Combining rainfall data from rain gauges and   TRMM in hydrological modelling of Laotian data-sparse basins 刘星 Applied Water Science 2017-06 EI
88 基于嵌套优化的梯级水电站日总负荷分配研究 李基栋 工程科学与技术 2017-04 EI
89 Research on FNN Evaluation of Rural Drinking   Water Quality in Mingshan District 倪福全;邓玉 International Journal of Simulation Systems, Science &   Technolog 2016-08 EI
90 梯级水库联合运行水位控制方式研究 李基栋 系统工程理论与实践 2016-06 EI
91 The treatment of decentralized domestic sewage   in a rural area with a vermibiofilter in different seasons 邓玉;倪福全 Nature Environment and Pollution Technology 2016-03 EI
92 Research on ecological risk assessment of water   resources in hilly areas 倪福全;邓玉 International Journal of Simulation: Systems, Science and   Techno 2016-01 EI
93 Effects of rainfall intensity and slope   gradient on soil surface roughness under different tillage systems 梁心蓝 International Agricultural Engineering Journal 2015-12 EI
94 砂岩储层裂缝在水力压裂作用下扩展准则及其应用 谢军 四川大学学报(工程科学版) 2015-09 EI
95 农村饮用水水源氮污染及健康风险的时空变化特征研究——以名山区为例 邓玉;倪福全 四川大学学报( 工程科学版) 2015-06 EI
96 Temporal and spatial variation characteristics   of health risk assessment of nitrogen in rural drinking water sources-a case   of mingshan district 邓玉;倪福全 Sichuan Daxue Xuebao (Gongcheng Kexue Ban)/Journal of Sichuan   Un 2015-06 EI
97 The Effect of Different Soil Erosion Stages on   Surface Roughness Under Simulated Rainfall 梁心蓝 Nature Environment and Pollution Technology 2015-03 EI
98 The Challenge of Water Resources Management in   Sichuan Province: Research on Water Resources Management and Water Allocation   Based on Water Quality 倪福全;邓玉 Nature Environment and Pollution Technology 2014-12 EI
99 地表糙度与径流水力学参数响应规律模拟 梁心蓝 农业工程学报 2014-10 EI
100 The Implementation of Waste Sawdust in   Concrete 胡建 Advanced Materials Research   2014-06 EI
101 Dynamic Process of Urban Landscape Pattern   Based on GeoCA-Urban Model—Taking the Neijiang City as Example 曹迎 Advanced Materials Research 2014-04 EI
102 The Spatial Variation Characteristics of Water   Requirements for Main Crops in Sichuan Province, P.R. China 邓玉;倪福全 Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research 2013-12 EI
103 Chinese Urbanization Issues 曹迎 Applied Mechanics and Materials 2013-11 EI
104 Parameters Optimization of Rotary Drying by   Uniform Design 马菁 Renewable Energy and Envionmental Technology(Part5),Applied   Mech 2013-09 EI
105 Study on Strength Reduction Method with Two   Reduction-factors 杨萍 Applied Mechanics and Materials 2012-08 EI
106 Experimental Study on Shear Strength of Gravel   Silty Clay from a Post-earthquake High Slope 杨萍 Applied Mechanics and Materials 2012-05 EI
107 ArcGIS-based indeterminacy health risk   assessment of chromium() in   rural drinking water 邓玉;倪福全 COMPUTER SCIENCE FOR ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERING AND   ECOINFORMATIC 2011-07 EI
108 Spatial variation of health risk of groundwater   for drinking water supply in Mingshan County, Ya’an City, China 倪福全 Water Science and Engineering 2010-12 EI
109 Problems and Control of Drinking Groundwater   Quality in the ChangBai Mountainous Region of China 倪福全 Proceeding of the 2010 International Conference on Management   an 2010-08 EI
110 Grey Correlation Analysis Between Liver Cancer   and Drinking Water Quality in Southeastern Coastal Areas of China 倪福全 Proceeding of the 2010 International Conference on Management   an 2010-08 EI
111 The Indefinite Model Evaluation for Groundwater   Quality 倪福全 Proceeding of the 2010 International Conference on Management   an 2010-08 EI
112 Water Resources Proof Decision Support System   for Construction Projects 倪福全 Proceeding of the 2010 International Conference on Management   an 2010-08 EI
113 DEM and ArcGIS-Based Extraction of   Eco-Hydrological Characteristics in Ya'an, China 倪福全 Proceedings of 2010 2nd International Workshop on Intelligent   Sy 2010-05 EI
114 ComGIS-Based Water Resources Management   Decision Support System 倪福全 Proceedings of 2010 2nd International Workshop on Intelligent   Sy 2010-05 EI
117 黄土高原重力式地下滴灌水分运动模型与分区参数研究 康银红 农业机械学报 2008-03 EI
118 各向异性渗流数值计算中的旋转控制体积法 漆力健 四川大学学报(工程科学版) 2008-01 EI
119 低佛劳德数掺气坎空腔回水问题研究 漆力健 水利学报 2007-07 EI
120 Modelling Water Balance at the Irrigated Crop   Level to Identify Pathways for Improving Water Use Efficiency 康银红 Proceedings of International Symposium on Water Resources and   En 2011-05
121 Rural Drinking Water Quality Health Risk in   Rain City District of Ya’an, China 倪福全 Proceedings of the International conference on Environmental   Pol 2010-06 EI
122 Set Pair   Analysis for Rural Drinking Water Quality 倪福全 Proceedings of the International conference on Environmental   Pol 2010-06 EI
123 Health Risk Assessment on Rural Water Quality in Mingshan   County, China 倪福全 Proceedings of the International conference on Environmental   Pol 2010-06 EI
124 ComGIS-Based Early Warning System of Rural   Drinking Water Safety in Ya’an City of Sichuan, China 倪福全 J. Water Resource and Protection 2010-02
125 四川盆地西缘农村水源地水质健康风险评价 倪福全 自然科学进展 2009-11
126 ArcGIS-Based Rural Drinking Water Quality   Health Risk Assessment 倪福全 J. Water Resource and Protection 2009-11
127 Health   Risk Assessment on Rural Drinking Water Safety(第1篇) 倪福全 J. Water Resource and Protection(USA) 2009-08
128 川西地区紫色土抗剪强度水敏性试验研究 薛珂 干旱区资源与环境 2022-04 CSCD
129 低谷蛋白稻米组分蛋白提取工艺优化 李天* 中国粮油学报 2021-12 CSCD
130 水分胁迫对宜香优2115籽粒淀粉合成及产量的影响 李天* 华北农学报 2021-11 CSCD
131 不同生育时期水分胁迫对水稻产量及品质的影响 李天* 江西农业大学学报 2021-10 CSCD
132 寒区非饱和土体混合态水分迁移研究进展 薛珂 河海大学学报(自然科学版) 2021-09 CSCD
133 施氮量对绿米稻叶绿素含量及光合特性的影响 李天* 云南农业大学学报 2021-08 CSCD
134 土壤环境中微塑料污染研究进展及展望 马菁 环境科学与技术 2021-07 CSCD
135 含根量对秋枫根-土复合体抗剪强度的影响 刘建平 水土保持学报 2021-06 CSCD
136 基于NAX 模型的参考作物蒸散发预测 康银红 排灌机械工程学报 2021-05 CSCD
137 川西粉质黏土-衬砌接触面冻结强度规律研究 薛珂 干旱区资源与环境 2021-04 CSCD
138 利用高分一号卫星与XGBoost模型的水体总氮和总磷监测技术 卢修元 遥感信息 2021-04 CSCD
139 不同耕作措施对花生结荚期产流产沙过程的影响 梁心蓝 水土保持学报 2021-02 CSCD
140 西昌引进油橄榄不同成熟度果实品质分析 李天* 中国粮油学报 2021-02 CSCD
141 典型山地丘陵区农业小流域氮素迁移特征 马菁 水土保持学报 2020-08 CSCD
142 截流戗堤单向进占的局部冲刷三维数值模拟 李登松;漆力健;唐巍 水动力学研究与进展. A 2020-07 CSCD
143 基于   SWAT 模型分析岷沱江流域蓝/绿水资源量的时空变化特征 邓玉;倪福全 中国农业气象 2020-06 CSCD
144 坡耕地地表起伏对坡面漫流的影响 梁心蓝 水土保持学报 2020-04 CSCD
145 施氮量对水稻籽粒脂类合成的影响 李天* 江西农业大学学报 2020-04 CSCD
146 动床条件下植被盖度对坡面流水动力特性的影响 唐科明 西北农林科技大学学报. 自然科学版 2020-02 CSCD
147 模拟降雨条件下地表起伏对产流产沙的影响 梁心蓝 水土保持学报 2019-12 CSCD
148 基于有限体积法的三维局部冲刷数值模型研究及 应用 李登松;曾赟;漆力健 计算力学学报 2019-11 CSCD
149 冻结作用对青藏红黏土及兰州粉土微观结构的影响分析 薛珂 冰川冻土 2019-10 CSCD
150 原子力显微镜在膜污染及清洗研究中的应用 王莹 水处理技术 2019-10 CSCD
151 施氮量对低谷蛋白水稻产量及品质的影响 李天* 华南农业大学学报 2019-04 CSCD
152 施氮量对低谷蛋白水稻籽粒品质及蛋白质组分的影响 李天* 浙江农业学报 2019-02 CSCD
153 蚯蚓生态滤池-人工湿地组合装置低温下处理畜禽废水 邓玉;倪福全 水处理技术 2018-07 CSCD
154 低水头坝消力池内悬栅辅助消能工的优化试验研究 谭燕平 水力发电学报 2018-01 CSCD
155 基于pFmeter传感器的土体冻融过程中基质势与未冻水量关系研究 薛珂 干旱区资源与环境 2017-12 CSCD
156 农村生活污水处理技术研究进展 邓玉;倪福全 水处理技术 2017-06 CSCD
157 草地土壤分离能力季节变化特征及其影响因素 唐科明 中国水土保持科学 2016-12 CSCD
158 耗散型石英晶体微天平处理膜污染研究进展 王莹 水处理技术 2016-12 CSCD
159 干旱胁迫下引进油橄榄品种光合特性研究 李天* 西北植物学报 2016-10 CSCD
160 斯里兰卡引进稻种资源蒸煮食用与营养品质分析 李天* 华南农业大学学报 2016-03 CSCD
161 施氮量和栽插密度对粳稻D46产量及氮肥利用率的影响 李天* 华南农业大学学报 2016-01 CSCD
162 灌浆结实期弱光对水稻籽粒氮代谢酶及蛋白质含量的影响 李天* 浙江大学学报.农业与生命科学版 2016-01 CSCD
163 成都平原稻作区施氮量和栽插密度对粳稻D46产量及品质的影响 李天* 浙江大学学报.农业与生命科学版 2016-01 CSCD
164 引进籼稻品种的农艺性状和加工及外观品质分析 李天* 湖南农业大学学报.自然科学版 2015-12 CSCD
165 TM传感器在冻土水热研究中的适用性评价 薛珂 工程地质学报 2015-08 CSCD
166 Low Light during Grain Filling Stage   Deteriorates Rice Culinary Quality, but not Nutritional Value 李天* 中国水稻科学 2015-07 CSCD
167 基于二次反调节作用的水电站调峰潜力研究 李基栋 水力发电学报 2015-02 CSCD
168 不同滴管量对土壤水氮运移规律研究 郑彩霞;张志亮;康银红 水土保持学报 2014-12 CSCD
169 绵远河流域地震侵蚀与泥沙输移分析 漆力健 水土保持通报 2014-12 CSCD
170 模拟条件下不同耕作措施和雨强对地表糙度的影响 梁心蓝 中国农业科学 2014-12 CSCD
171 植物叶片导水率的研究进展 张志亮;郑彩霞 生态学杂志 2014-06 CSCD
172 限量灌水和施磷对冬小麦养分吸收及利用的影响 郑彩霞;张志亮;康银红 干旱地区农业研究 2014-05 CSCD
173 芦山地震引发的重力侵蚀分析 漆力健 泥沙研究 2014-04 CSCD
174 High Temperature During Rice Grain Filling   Enhances Aspartate Metabolism in Grains and Results in Accumulation of   Aspartate- Family Amino Acids and Protein Components 李天 中国水稻科学 2013-10 CSCD
175 川中紫色丘陵区径流泥沙SWAT模型的模拟应用分析 曾赟 地球信息科学学报 2013-06 CSCD
176 土地利用和气候变化对四川省紫色丘陵区径流泥沙变化的影响研究 曾赟 水土保持通报 2013-06 CSCD
177 土壤容重对溶质迁移过程的影响 卢修元 水土保持通报 2013-04 CSCD
178 四川盆地西缘农村居民饮用水健康风险暴露参数的研究 邓玉;倪福全 农业环境科学学报 2013-02 CSCD
179 水稻灌浆期高温对天冬氨酸代谢酶活性及其家族氨基酸含量的影响 李天 中国水稻科学 2013-01 CSCD
180 高温对水稻灌浆期籽粒氮代谢关键酶活性及蛋白质含量的影响 李天 中国水稻科学 2010-07 CSCD
181 不同水氮对果树幼苗生长和水分传导的影响 张志亮 农业工程学报 2009-06 CSCD
182 局部根区灌水和施氮对玉米导水率的影响 张志亮 中国农业科学 2008-07 CSCD